Reap benefits of Mortise Locks

With so many different locks available in the market, the mortise lock is probably is one of the first types of door locks. You are mostly like to find mortise locks in older homes and buildings. Among many other products, PikesVille Locksmith provides you with mortise locks that are very effective.

Following are some of the benefits of using mortise locks by PikesVille Locksmith:

Extremely secure

Mortise locks are installed in the door itself. Since these locks include many levers and notches in its structure, they are more complex systems than other kind of locks. However, its complexity helps to keep thieves and burglars away. PikesVille Locksmith makes locks that are very difficult to tamper with. Studies indicate that thieves or burglars are likely to get frustrated if the lock does not open in 30 minutes. PikesVille Locksmith professionals install mortise locks in a way that intruders find it challenging to pry them open. Therefore, these locks give you a complete security.

Easily available

Mortise locks are pretty much available everywhere. PikesVille Locksmith can offer you mortise locks of different model and types. We have both an ordinary mortise lock as well as complex locks that have a dual locking system. With PikesVille Locksmith, you can be assured of a getting a lock that perfectly matches your requirement. Even if you need a replacement for your old lock, consult with our representative and they will guide you through your options.

Aesthetic sense

Mortise locks by PikesVille Locksmith make them really sought-after because of their style and the attractive appeal. These locks are also very sturdy making them long-lasting and durable. As you can find these locks installed in older homes, they are known for their vintage beauty and polish.
Double-sided locking

Yet another reason why mortise locks from PikesVille Locksmith are so in demand is that they allow you to lock your door from both sides. This is especially useful as it provides you security not only when you are out, but also when you are home.

You can open this kind of lock with a key when you are outside and when you are inside, you will use a latch. This is why it is ideal for your front doors. You can lock from inside in the night and from outside in the day. With mortise locks from PikesVille Locksmith, you also have an option to shut your door without having to lock it. This phenomenon is commonly known as 'passage function' and it is ideally suited to your kids' room.

PikesVille Locksmith recommends you to have a mortise lock that has five or six lock levers. More levers give you an added security. When you go out to buy a mortise lock for your home, you might be tempted to buy the one that is elegant. However, you need to be careful as there are many companies that make their products attractive so that they can achieve higher sales. You should also make sure they are effective and sturdy enough.